Buy PNG Coffee

About the Coffee
This coffee is organically grown on the Goroka Baptist Bible College campus located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The high elevation, tropical rains, shaded gardens, rich soil, and hand-picking make this some of the highest quality coffee available.

Purpose of Coffee
Traditionally students of Goroka Baptist Bible College grew their own food on the college campus. This was to keep the cost as low as possible for students. With the reality of unpredictable droughts this has become problematic. In PNG droughts equal no food and without money to buy food the students become malnourished. The idea of coffee being produced on the grounds of college as a crop was birthed in collaboration with nationals and missionaries located at the college. Coffee is a very labor intensive process from beginning to end and completed by the college students who it directly benefits.
About Goroka Baptist Bible College
Goroka Baptist Bible College began in 1974 to assist churches in training Christians for ministry. Multiple programs in both English and Pidgin have trained over 400 graduates, men and women who faithfully serve Christ.