Happy Mothers Day!!!

A Mother and her son......
As we are quickly approach this Mother’s Day, it is said...."What a mother sings to the cradle goes all the way down to the coffin. ~ Henry Ward Beecher” The impact a mother has on a child can never truly be seen in this life time.  I know I am very thankful for the amazing mother I am married to and I know she is impacting Gunner in ways that I never could!  Phyllis has stepped into the greatest role of this life time and I must say she has done it with amazing grace.  In Phyllis' words.....
Life at home with Gunner has been enjoyable FOR SURE......it is not without its challenges, but overall it has been wonderful and it is just beginning!  We spend our days revolving around sleeping; eating, diapering, and then we repeat the process!  I also find time to boil bottles, do the dishes (trying to keep up), take out the garbage, laundry, and all those other household chores that fill a mother's days.  
We want to also thank our moms who have invested a countless amount of time and effort into our lives.  We would not be alive this very day if it was not for your gift to us.  Many Blessings to YOU on this day Judy Thomas and Judy Hovey!!!!
“You never appreciate all of the things your mother did for you until you find yourself doing the same things for your own children.”  -unknown
Happy Mothers Day!!!
We have enclosed a few pictures below.  Hope you enjoy!
Brian, Gunner, and me outside of the door of our apartment.....our neighbors made this BEAUTIFUL sign to welcome home their new friend!
Gunner just hanging out....
Gunner has something to say.....
The family together!


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