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There is an illusion on the mission field and in ministry in general that somehow, someway by the missionaries or pastors stepping in to help that we can redeem a situation, a life, a mistake, etc.    It’s not true.    Much like Peter and John on their way to pray, it was not themselves that caused the lame man to walk….it was the power of Christ IN and THROUGH them!    Our desire is to give the glory where it’s due….to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! In conjunction with this observation, I was reminded of a poem I wrote several years ago.  I thought to share it here in the hopes of being an encouragement and blessing to you, our readers.  I must preface it and share that I talk and pray to God very candidly and honestly.  I pray you are challenged to consider the reality that God really is….ENOUGH! ENOUGH  By Phyllis Hovey  Today God said, "I am ENOUGH," and I said, "Are You sure?" And then I told myself, "How could you put those thoughts in words?" As

Gospel Rally

A week or so ago, we helped host a Gospel rally at the church plant where we are assisting….Makia.  Seeds were scattered onto the heart's soil of many.  Did any take root?  Not that we know of….there were no salvation decisions that were made at the time, to our knowledge…..but the timing and work of the Lord is not measured in the same increments as we, the people, measure it.  Please join us in praying for rain, sunshine, and other needed variables to help the seeds go deep in the hearts and minds of the people and take root.   God  is able!  There is a desperate need as death crouches at the door of many and the darkness is thick. It was a learning experience for us.  It felt 'last minute' in many ways to our American mindset.  Prep and planning are viewed differently here than they are in the States.  We live in the "land of the unexpected" and sometimes?  That is the only explanation that makes sense.  Brian did a lot of driving bringing people to and from an