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Ground Work

This week was marked by lots of ground work.  Brian got to use the excavator that was gifted to GBBC to get the ground ready for some various upcoming projects.  Praise the Lord that the rain held off so they got a good start on things!  Here are some pics to try and capture some of the ground transformation. There is to be a new classroom building put up here, adjoining in the front to the current chapel.  The footings are set for this project so that the two buildings will be level with one another, but the ground needed to be built up. Here is the ground after the first few dumps...a long ways to go but progress! And here it is approximately 100 dump truck loads later! There also was a point when the dump truck got stuck.  All machinery on deck to the rescue! There was an attempt to pull the dump truck out, but two machines weren’t the excavator joined the scene! Gunner getting in on the ride to park the machine after a long day's work! Moriah had to get in on the a

Soldiers, sickness, and success

We were blessed this last week with reinforcements.  A team of Australians came to help the team here with some projects!  What a blessing!   In some ways, pictures speak louder than here are a few....although they are far from capturing the impact these soldiers of the Lord made! Here is Brian on the tractor towing a 20 foot container that was cut up to become our security guard house at the main entrance to the campus.  The guys who came and worked cut out the windows, door, and welded the security bars before it was ready to move.   In this picture, the guard house is in place and the roof trusses are being out in place and secured. This is the other side of the guard house looking from the road side of the college.   As you can see from this picture, there were lots of hands and hearts working together to serve the Lord.  It took a small army to get everything up and in place and we give God the glory for all that was accomplished! Here the roof is being put on and att