About Us

We are the Hoveys!
(Brian, Phyllis and our kids Gunner & Moriah)
We are privileged to be a part of our Lord’s ministry as a family.  Our desire is to serve Him with our individual gifts but also to serve as a family unit every opportunity He allows us to.  We believe that the family is our first ministry and if we are not functioning well as a family, it is not possible to serve effectively in ministry.  Phyllis and I were married on August 18, 2012.  It has been the greatest gift we have been given only second to our Savior.  We each spent many years waiting and being prepared for each other as God graciously worked out His plan for our lives.
Our son, Gunner Hovey, was born to us in April 2015 in Santiago, Chile.  He was a tremendous gift to us as well as a significant growth opportunity for us in our relationship with Christ.  He is a very active little boy who loves people and is a joy to us.  Our daughter, Moriah Hovey, was born to us in January 2017 in Owatonna, MN.  She is still very new to our family, but has beautifully changed the dynamic of it.  We are greatly looking forward to learning more about this sweet little girl that God has blessed us with.

We have answered God’s call on our lives to serve Him as full time missionaries sent out from our local church First Baptist Church of Waterville, MN to Papua New Guinea (PNG). It is our privilege to be part of a church planting team of ABWE (Association of Baptists for Worldwide Evangelism) missionaries. We will be based out of a Papua New Guinean Bible College called “Goroka Baptist Bible College.” This school is for the sole purpose of training and preparing PNG Nationals for ministry. This ranges from pastors, lay leaders, educators, and more. The focus is anyone who is passionate about learning about God’s Word and sharing the Gospel. Our roles in this ministry are to come alongside National brothers and sisters in Christ and propel them forward with the tools to succeed. Specifically, what that looks like for me (Brian) is that I will be creating and teaching skill based programs (blacksmith, welding, carpentry, etc) for future pastors to both survive in the ministry as well as how to use skills in outreach and discipleship. Phyllis will be a care giver to our children first until they are school age. She will also be able to utilize her gifts as an elementary teacher to help in the education program and tutor the women who are struggling to understand the basics skills (remedial reading, writing and math) necessary to pursue the ministry God has called them to.

If there are any questions or if you would like to hear more specifics about what we are doing please feel free to contact us directly at HoveyServinGod@gmail.com!!

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