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Tangible progress

We have been struggling the last month to get a post out as much has been going on.  Each day has been filled with lots of challenges and victories.  We have had the privilege of having some friends from home come and work with us for a couple months.  They have been a tremendous blessing and have assisted in getting much accomplished here at GBBC.
One project that we have been working on for some time is defining the front entry way to the college.  The goal was to make a circlular style entry way that gives a nice apperiance.
Dirt was hauled in and the large scale  sculpting began.
Once it was mostly defined cement was poured around the perimeter 
We wanted to make is low maintenance so we decided to try to cover it with stone and cement
It was quite a process of searching for stones and placing them one by one.

As usual Gunner needed to be on site to inspect the work and see how he could get dirty!
The completed project has turned out very well!  The guys helping on the project named it M…

Calling Up

This April we are in need of help specifically to work on the project of a huge new boy's dorm.  We have been praying that God would raise up the right people at the right time to help us on this big endeavor.  I (Phyllis) have found myself thinking on a quote I once heard that really resonates with this season of our lives...."The task before us isneveras great as the Power behind us."  I don’t know who said it, but I remember reading it on a daily calendar that my parents gave me the year or two before my Dad died.  Little did I know how often it would be called up in my mind in the years to come, but it has stuck with me.  
Now, as I sit here, I wonder what is being called up in your mind as you read that.  What kind of trials or hardships are you facing?  What are the tasks before you that might be hindering you from venturing out on a 2-3 week mission trip to the other side of the world?   Let me share three struggles that kept me from missions for a long time.... Numb…

Praying a way!

Sometimes on the road, there seems to be NO way through.  We recently had a road trip to Madang, a coastal city in PNG.  There is one road....ONE get from Goroka to there and it was full of obstacles!  It's at least a 8 hour drive but it depends on the condition of the road.  At one point on our journey, the road was impassable.  A bridge had failed and there was no way to cross, so the road was just diverted down through the river.  A semi truck and trailer had gotten through the river but got stuck on the way back up the river bank and there was NO WAY around him.  We were already hours into our drive and there was NO going  We waited and prayed with earnest!  Gunner and Moriah prayed too....and their prayers are just as fervent as ours!  
It's nothing like a road block in the states.....there are no signs of issues ahead, there was no police presence, no tow trucks to was chains and manpower that moved the truck....or so the people thought!…