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The sound of music

Last week, I found a gem in the mission barrel that I could not resist.  The mission barrel is a place where missionaries can peruse freely through other missionary's discarded items and take them home for free.  Our kiddos LOVE going to the mission barrel and rummaging through it…..I do too!  Anyways, I found the DVD of The Sound of Music. Gunner and Moriah were captivated!   They absolutely loved it!   I remember getting the soundtrack on cd of the film in high school for a gift from my mom.   It was definitely put on replay more than once!   As Gunner and Moriah were watching, I shared with them that my favorite song in the film is "I Have Confidence."   Without a moment's hesitation, Moriah questioned, "Mom?   How can it be your favorite if I’ve never heard you sing it?"   Hahahaha.   She got me on that point!   While she meant nothing by it, I’m sure, her question really got me thinking…’s true that she’s never heard me sing that song.   In fa