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WHAT a Mighty God we Serve!

  There are times, moments......when it is difficult to sit behind the screen and share. Instead of a warm hug and a friendly greeting, I am met with nothing personal. The iPad offers no response. And ya know? As I was reflecting on that and lamenting how much I miss connecting with others face to face over a meal or a coffee, I thought perhaps it’s from MY end that I can bless, encourage, and build up. Dressed and ready for the Christmas program at church! God has been beyond gracious to us as of late. Not very long ago, we were made aware of an opportunity to help fill a 40’ shipping container that is headed to PNG by boat. It will take several months to arrive, but Lord willing, it will arrive in the first half of 2021. It was then crunch time! Brian spent countless hours researching and trying to find good deals on equipment and tools that will be needed in the future for Goroka Baptist Bible College in PNG. He traveled north, south, east and west from our location in southern MN a