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Insights on the Journey

There are some things that are eye opening as a person travels internationally.   I have been challenged to keep my eyes open and my heart ready to learn as I travel.   This trip has afforded that opportunity.   Yesterday, our flight was delayed departing by around 4 hours.   While I was tempted to grumble, I chose to pray silently and interact with some other people that were going to be on our flight.   We were at the airport from 8 am until around 2pm before departing.   As we got to our hotel room and were winding down for the night, my mind drifted to another young family whose travels were recorded in God’s Word…Joseph, Mary, and an inside the womb, Jesus.   When they reached their hometown (they were mandated to go there for the census counting), they discovered there was no room.   There wasn’t room with family.   There wasn’t room with friends.   There wasn’t room at the local inn.   There WAS room in a stable out back behind the hotel.   Sometimes the Bible comes alive