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Treasure Hunt

Some great movies and numerous stories are told surrounding “the treasure”.  It is something our kids have latched on to without really teaching them about it....we often find them digging in the dirt or in search of treasures.  When I think of treasure one thing that comes to mind is and women who would do anything and go anywhere in search of the treasure their heart desires.  While each of us don’t sail the seas looking for ships to rob, plunder and seek the hidden treasure, we do have more in common than you might think.  Each of us has a “treasure” or a vision of the treasure we are seeking in our hearts.  It gets us out of bed each day for something, maybe it’s providing for the family, caring for children, an expensive car, a dream house, a wonderful retirement......what is the treasure you’re seeking? As I (Brian) was thinking of this question I must admit the treasure that I have sought after were often from selfish desires.  Things that may look good on the ou

Another Mom's Shoes

Sometimes laughter really IS the best medicine for the soul.  This last week was a doozy...and I mean that to be real, not to exaggerate or make you, dear reader, feel bad for me.  It just kind of knocked me off my feet.  By  Friday night , I was toast.  I was frustrated with myself, my children, general circumstances, and I wanted to just turn in for the night because I wanted the week to be over.  That sounds so dramatic, but I really felt that way. My dear husband asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him.  I hesitated.  It was tempting to think about turning 'off' my reality and turning 'on' a different one...just for an hour or so.  I said I needed to think about it.  So? While I went in the other room to unwind a minute, Brian started looking up movie options.  Hahahahaha....he knows me well.  We debated between a couple different options and landed on "Mom's Night Out."  He said, "That’s what you need, right?"  "Heh...." I resp