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Things I did NOT expect over one year in.... -to still be struggling with language -to still be establishing friendships -to be battling for opportunities to spread the Gospel -my role would SEEM insignificant At a glance, there is nothing profound about this list.  However, to me?  It reflects some honesty that I wasn’t prepared for.  Naively, I expected to 'get' the language easily and quickly.  However, my reality is that it is hard to find time to study with two toddlers running around.  And, while I am improving, language will be a LIFELONG learning endeavor.    I am not one to make friends easily either.  It takes me time to open my heart and share the deeper places.  I can’t help but think back to my times in other places and how difficult it was as a single to establish friendships when there was more free time available.  Now, as a married wife with two kiddos, I find myself investing my time within 'my own fence' and while I am making bridges to outside friend

This is my time…..

The last few weeks have been riddled with constant change and lots of travel.  I have had a couple failed to depart plane trips to remote parts of PNG due to lack of space or weather.  I have also made two trips for several days each to the coastal city of Lae to search for and buy supplies for our team.  Each time I travel anywhere in this country the sheer beauty of God’s creation is paramount, however the country never fails to surprise me and live up to its name “the land of the unexpected”.  To travel to the coast there is only one road and it is called the Highlands Highway.  I wouldn’t personally call it a highway, more of a minimum maintenance road, however that is the only access to get goods in or out of our area (other than airplane).  From Goroka to Lae it is about 190 miles in distance, however it can take anywhere from 6-9 hours one way….or possibly days, if it closes.  There are constant landslides, bridges failing, trees blocking the road, accidents, washouts, and the r