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Officially Appointed!

We just wanted to take a minute to inform all our readers that the Hovey family has officially been appointed as ABWE missionaries!  We are praying through a location TBD, but we have narrowed the world down to two fields where we feel we can best serve......Papua New Guinea and Chile.  We will, Lord willing, be taking a survey trip to PNG at some point this fall to see the ministry there and meet the team.  It would then be our hope to make our final decision.....please join us in praise to the Lord on this special day and also in prayer for the Lord's continued direction and will for our lives! 

Mopars to Missions

We are here sitting in a hotel near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  We arrived here on Tuesday afternoon after a lengthy drive from Minnesota.  We had left Sunday after church.  Thankfully the drive went well, we did not hit any major construction, and Gunner was a champ!   Yesterday was the first big step forward as we went through an oral doctrinal exam at ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism).  What that means is we were questioned for a couple hours by a few individuals about our beliefs, and how be can prove those through Scripture (The Bible).  To God be the glory we passed the exam and were permitted to continue forward in the process!!!!!  Today was the first day of the Candidate Seminar.  To understand what this is I have included a snip-it below: PURPOSE To instill into the candidate a growing understanding of, and identification with, the ABWE spirit and philosophy of ministry To complete the screening of potential ABWE career  To discover/confirm

Gunner Goes Visiting

Well, Brian and I are happy to report that we all made it to MN with NO ISSUES!!!  Praise the Lord!  Gunner was a trooper on the plane and in the airports.....he even did better than me and Brian! (We were a little overtired.)  Gunner got enough sleep for ALL of us though, thanks to the many who coupled with us in prayer over this matter.  We also did not have an issue getting out of the country as we had to work through some last minute visa changes.  To God be the glory we made it one step further on this journey! Here are some of the people he's met so far..... He is drumming up Chilean spirit with the cousins! Cousin Kilee, Uncle Pete, Cousin Makenna, and Aunt Heather Aunt Evie Great Aunt Doreen and Grandma Thomas Grandpa and Grandma Hovey Great Aunt Margaret  Grandma and Grandpa Thomas Great Grandma Thomas Soon-to-be Aunt Marcheta and Uncle JW Uncle Maynard We also took Gunner visiting to Public Health to get his v