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Oh, Rats!

Sometimes we have to live and learn the hard way...and so?  We begin our rat story...we are hoping and praying it is a short episode, but time will tell.  Last week, Brian took a trip to Lae to get some building supplies and materials for Goroka Baptist Bible College.  While he was gone, I heard noises in the kitchen.  As any sensible woman would do, I went out to investigate as it was the middle of the day.  What did I spy?  I didn’t know for sure, but it looked hairy and alive!  It was behind my stove and making racket, but it stopped when I walked in the room.  Yikes! Not going to lie, I thought about it the rest of the time I was trying to lay the kiddos down for rest time.  We were finishing reading  Charlotte's Web  by EB White, which talks about a rat, Templeton.  He is so disgusting in habit that by the end of the story and after my brief sighting, I was trying to derive a plan to eradicate this creature from my home!  That night, I blocked crawl spaces with newspaper that

Charlotte's Web Revisited

Gunner,  Moriah and I spend part of our day reading.  Just recently, we started reading  Charlotte's Web  by E.B. White.  I read-a-loud while the kiddos listen and 'rest.'  Sometimes they fall asleep, and sometimes they don’t.  Either way, we enjoy sharing stories together.  We read a chapter this week entitled, 'Wilbur's Boast' in the above mentioned book. In it, this conversation between two friends was recorded.... The thought of death came to him [Wilbur, the pig] and he began to tremble with fear. "Charlotte?" He said softly. "Yes, Wilbur?" "I don’t want to die."  "Of course you don’t," said Charlotte in a comforting voice. "I just love it here in the barn," said Wilbur. "I love everything about this place." "Of course you do," said Charlotte.  "We all do."  The goose appeared, followed by her seven goslings. They thrust their little necks out and kept up a musical whistling, li

Building for taking small steps

A lot has been happening over these last couple weeks.  The ground at our church plant, Makia, is getting dug up and leveled which means we are getting the ground ready to put up a building!  Whooooo-hoooooo!  To God be the glory!  It is exciting to see God's work moving forward!  On the flip side of the same coin, however, there is also opposition on the move.  On the day after our groundwork was finished, we received some legal paperwork declaring we must stop all work because the ground is being contested.  We were shaken, but not moved.  All government officials were not working and offices were shutdown because of an internal dispute.  This made matters harder because we were not able to get any answers.  Thankfully, this last week we received word that a judge ruled the paperwork we received not accurate and has squashed it.  He has given the opposing party until next month to file a valid complaint.   We know God is in control and if He desires us to move forward His plan ca