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Shaped By It

This past week, we had the privilege of meeting with all the full-time missionaries on our team here in Papua New Guinea. We discussed many different things. Some things were discussed out of necessity. Other things were discussed to confirm unity. Still other things were meant to encourage, edify and help us all keep looking for what our Savior is doing in, through, and around us.  One comment that was made that particularly got my attention was, “Our ministry this past year wasn’t determined by the pandemic—it was shaped by it.” As our team reflected on the complexities that Covid-19 brought on campus, into various churches, around the country, and around the globe, I couldn’t help but marvel at this perspective. We all start out as a lump of clay in the hands of the Potter. It is HIS will, HIS way, in HIS time that we become the vessel HE desires for us and with the purpose that HE intends. Can we argue with that?    Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, ‘Why d

Coming Back

We are in our home in Goroka!  The last few days have been filled with unpacking our luggage, rediscovering treasures that we packed when we left PNG, and trying to sort, organize and regroup....doesn’t sound like much, but it has been a good feeling to be able to SEE progress!   Another blessing has been to reconnect with friends and ministry partners on this side of the person!  Seeing someone through a screen or on the telephone is a good way to communicate, but when you SEE someone across the table and are able to communicate and share a meal together, it brings on a whole new depth of appreciation!!!  Our team welcomed us back with a meal and some super sweet fellowship!  Our hearts were blessed! Today we had the privilege of going to church at Makia...the church plant that we were assisting before we left PNG.  It has grown in big ways while we have been Stateside.  The church is still struggling to obtain the land where we have been meeting, but there is a PNG style

Quarantine acomplishments

 We have reached the half-way point through our 14 day adventure!  In our time of quarantine, we have had plenty of time to think….as it is one of those rare times when there is not much we can do.  So, a few weeks ago we were able to watch a few individuals from our home church follow Jesus in a believer’s baptism.  As a general practice they give their testimonies first and one individual referenced a poem that can continues to play in my mind.  It goes as follows…… Marriage is hard.   Divorce is hard. Choose your hard. Obesity is hard.   Being fit is hard.   Choose your hard. Being in debt is hard.   Being financially disciplined is hard.   Choose your hard. Communication is hard.   Not communicating is hard.   Choose your hard. Life will never be easy.   It will always be hard. But we can choose our hard.   Pick wisely. We can all probably relate to one of the things if not many that are written in this poem.  It is easy to fall into the trap that says “things will be

Within Borders

Within Borders We made it within Papua New Guinea borders!!!    To God be the glory!!!    We arrived in Port Moresby, PNG on Thursday, June 3rd, 2021, while those in Minnesota finished out their Wednesday, June 2nd, evening activities.    Crossing that international dateline is such a unique experience.....essentially, we 'lose' a day coming West to PNG and gain a day when we travel East to the United States.    So weird.    Not to mention, a challenge to adjust to! Gunner was up at 3am PNG time the next morning ready to build his pirate lego ship...I tried to get him to sleep, but it was to no avail.    So?    It was a good day for an afternoon nap!    We did some school work in an effort to get back into a groove and retrieve some sense of 'normal.'  One habit that I feel is important to teach is the art of journaling as a way to remember, relive, and reevaluate.    This morning, our journal prompt was, "Today I feel..." and then both kiddos had to fill in t