Within Borders

Within Borders

We made it within Papua New Guinea borders!!!  To God be the glory!!!  We arrived in Port Moresby, PNG on Thursday, June 3rd, 2021, while those in Minnesota finished out their Wednesday, June 2nd, evening activities.  Crossing that international dateline is such a unique experience.....essentially, we 'lose' a day coming West to PNG and gain a day when we travel East to the United States.  So weird.  Not to mention, a challenge to adjust to!

Gunner was up at 3am PNG time the next morning ready to build his pirate lego ship...I tried to get him to sleep, but it was to no avail.  So?  It was a good day for an afternoon nap!  We did some school work in an effort to get back into a groove and retrieve some sense of 'normal.' 

One habit that I feel is important to teach is the art of journaling as a way to remember, relive, and reevaluate.  This morning, our journal prompt was, "Today I feel..." and then both kiddos had to fill in the blank with a feeling.  They both chose "happy" which echoed a piece of my own emotions also.  The journey here was a long one, but they both did a really great job overall....Thank you to all who’ve been praying, supporting and upholding us!  God has truly carried us through, and it is by His hand alone and the prayers of His people that we are here.

More to come!

Moriah's journal entry....

Gunner's journal entry....

Our window view.....so thankful it is not a pool!