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Sneaking a Peek

It is no slight thing to catch a glimpse of heaven here on earth.  This Easter Sunday, we had such a privilege.  Gunner and six other national believers followed the Lord in a believer’s baptism.  What made it heavenly to me was the fact that it was multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-generational, and yet?  The entire thing was   worshipful !  Worship brings unity to our feeble, human hearts and is a demonstration of intentionally looking off ourselves and up to our Savior.  What a marvelous thing to behold!!! We had no idea what to expect exactly for the service as PNG is known as “the land of the unexpected.”  We walked 20 minutes through a village and down the side of a mountain to reach the spot where the river water pooled.  I (Phyllis) fell twice on the way down….hahaha!  Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt too bad. 😂 Gunner bounded down the steep incline and tried to keep up with the “big boys.”  The service was simple, but oh!  SO rich!  Gunner was busy trying to put rocks from the ri