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We Are All Weird

"Aren’t we all weird in our own way?" -Missionary Mentor Sometimes, as foreigners, our ways seem weird to those around us…even among ourselves, as missionaries, we have different cultures and customs depending on what state we came from, how long we’ve been on the field, our ages, how many kiddos we have, etc.  There are all sorts of differences to contend with, and we can either value them or let them cause division.   This last week I was struck with my family’s own ‘weird’….. I walked past Moriah’s room on my way down the hall and this is what I saw….  She was singing away with the song on the CD player while wearing a cardboard box on her head!  I thought to myself, “Well, that’s a little weird….”  However, my second thought was “What a gem!”  I give God the glory that she can do things in her own way, with her own flair, and be uniquely her!   Gunner, too, is uniquely himself….he is in first grade and starting to write and journal. A couple weeks ago, he shared his perce