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The Music of our Lives

Rhythms, instruments, voices, rests...they are all play a critical part in making music.  Many have asked what we are doing with our time now that we are stateside.  Let me assure you, it is not a slower pace but definitely different!  We have been doctoring for Moriah’s tummy issues.  We have been trying to meet with family, supporters and friends to share the work of God in our lives over the past two and a half years.  Not only that, but we are keeping up on the basics of dishes, laundry and household happenings while trying to establish some sort of routine as is necessary in the lives of littles!   Some of the highlights for our kiddos have been 'playing' with water.  Sprinklers and full bath tubs have been new experiences for Gunner and Moriah.  While that sounds so simple, it has been the root of much conversation in our family.  "Mom?  Why haven’t we played with water like this before?" Gunner asked the other day.  It is a simple question to answer but hard im