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GBBC Boys Dorm Update

 It has been a while since we updated on some of the projects going on at Goroka Baptist Bible College, so I'll take some time to bring you up to speed on one of the larger projects currently going on!  Many of you may remember that this has been a project we have needed to undertake for many years.  All the materials had been sources, gathered at GBBC, however the covid bug wrecked our plans for volunteer work crews to put it all together.  It was no surprise to God, as He had a plan and the perfect timing for everything to happen.  I (Brian) worked to get everything designed, approved, ground prepared and materials purchased, but I am limit on time and knowledge to run the building project.  Part of Gods perfect timing was a provision to that need.  The college was able to hire an well experienced pastors who was a former GBBC graduate and is a expert builder to join our team.  He continues to be a Pastor of a local church, but has graciously been working fulltime to move the boy

Update and Continued Prayer

  As I (Phyllis) sit to write this evening, I am rejoicing and yet heavy hearted all at the same time.   To God be the glory, our family is finished with quarantine, and we are free to go and come from our house now…we are thankful for that!!!   However, there is also heaviness around us and in us as we see and know people who are living in turmoil amid all the election upheaval here in Papua New Guinea.   There are no easy answers.   Homes are being burned, lives are being uprooted, and belongings are being ransacked and stolen as the fighting continues.   Please pray for wisdom for us as we desire to help and show a different way!   Our God is ABLE, and this is a part of why we are here….people won’t always hear our words, BUT they can see our lives and the inner peace we can maintain while in the midst of conflict around us.   Please pray for opportunities to share JESUS….HE is the Difference Maker!!! A woman within the body of believers in our area died unexpectedly of a brain

Quick Update and Prayer points

As always, it is never dull when you live in the "Land of the Unexpected."  That is PNG's other name.  Thank you for your prayers!  My parents (Brian's) have arrived just over a week ago and will be staying for a couple more.  It was a pretty rough transition because it is a very long and tiring journey to get here.  My dad was sick the first several days, but has begun to level out.  The kids have thoroughly enjoyed them being here (to put it lightly).  They have been sharing stories, working on puzzles, going for walks, reading and soaking up every second while Grandma and Grandpa are here.   We have had a few unexpected hiccups this week….    The first one is a few days ago Phyllis began to get sick and was not recovering quickly like she normally does.    Well, the short of it is she has finally been hit with the Covid.    This is her first time getting it, and so far she feels crummy, but overall doing alright.    I know she would appreciate your prayers as she i

Locked out

Sometimes God gets a hold of my heart in the strangest circumstances and situations.  Yesterday was one of those days.  When I leave the house, typically I check three things: 1) The doors are locked. 2) I have my key. 3) I have my phone.  I don’t always check them in that order, but when I leave the house, it is a routine for me to check those things.   Well, you can imagine my surprise when I went to let myself in the house after working on cleaning our porch a bit, only to find that the front door was locked.  Hmph.  No big deal, I thought.  Gunner and/or Rie must’ve accidently locked the front door when they were playing earlier.  So?  I went around the other side of the house and checked the other door.  Strange.  It was locked too.  Gunner and Rie were both outside with me, although they were playing and hadn’t missed going into the house. I have to confess; I was a bit flustered.  I called out to G. and Rie and plainly asked, “Hey guys, did one of you lock the doors?” “Yup!” Mor

Saturday Slugger

Brian hit a home run this week with the group of guys he is working with to create an "entrance" to GBBC.  Check this out!  Gunner and Moriah striking a pose…. Finishing the electrical on the back side…. The flags are the twenty two provinces of Papua New Guinea.  The sign is to testify to the establishment of the Goroka Baptist Bible College, but ultimately?  The whole project is to the glory of God!  The "hill" that the flags and sign rest upon is known as "Mount Moriah."  It has been no small feat for the guys to build and transform what used to be a nice mound of dirt and create a masterpiece that testifies to our Creator God who redeems life from the dust of  the ground!   Gunner also hit a big milestone….we now have a seven-year-old in the house!  Can you see a glimpse of his excitement in his face while he was opening gifts? He had great fun….he requested homemade corn dogs….for breakfast!  I denied his request, but I made them for dinner instead. H

Sneaking a Peek

It is no slight thing to catch a glimpse of heaven here on earth.  This Easter Sunday, we had such a privilege.  Gunner and six other national believers followed the Lord in a believer’s baptism.  What made it heavenly to me was the fact that it was multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-generational, and yet?  The entire thing was   worshipful !  Worship brings unity to our feeble, human hearts and is a demonstration of intentionally looking off ourselves and up to our Savior.  What a marvelous thing to behold!!! We had no idea what to expect exactly for the service as PNG is known as “the land of the unexpected.”  We walked 20 minutes through a village and down the side of a mountain to reach the spot where the river water pooled.  I (Phyllis) fell twice on the way down….hahaha!  Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt too bad. 😂 Gunner bounded down the steep incline and tried to keep up with the “big boys.”  The service was simple, but oh!  SO rich!  Gunner was busy trying to put rocks from the ri

The Gift of Change

I started writing this little book for our son, Gunner, when he began school at Nuhmonoi Christian Academy here in PNG.  To be quite honest, I didn’t finish it in time to give it to him before his first day, so I shelved it.  However, it came to mind this morning as I was contemplating a blog post.   Change is all around us.  It is inevitable.  However, we have a promise we can claim that is constant.  2 Cor. 5:17 in the Bible says, "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come…" Our Savior offers new life to ALL….and?  He offers it freely!   As you read about the gift of change, I pray you are encouraged to consider that Christ is the hope you can set your life on! He will never change!!!

Getting Older and Asking Questions

Our 100 year old Gunner! Yesterday Gunner celebrated 100 days of being in school this year!  He dressed up as a little 100 year old man to celebrate the occasion….and I might add that he played the part well!!  His acting reminded me of life’s frailty…The Bible talks about our lives as a vapor—here today and gone tomorrow (James 4:14).  It also talks in Ephesians 5:16 to “…make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil…”. What makes the days evil?  The fact that it shortens the time we have to share the Gospel!   People are dying daily and although it is often sugarcoated, the reality is that they are perishing and headed into eternity without the Lord….heartbreaking!!! Gut-wrenching!!! Unbelievably hard to swallow!!!  However, we are NOT without hope if we have  Jesus !!!   This past week I had a conversation with Gunner on the way to school.  He was sitting in the back with Moriah and seemed to be enjoying the quiet, when out of the blue, he hit me with a brave question