GBBC Boys Dorm Update

 It has been a while since we updated on some of the projects going on at Goroka Baptist Bible College, so I'll take some time to bring you up to speed on one of the larger projects currently going on!  Many of you may remember that this has been a project we have needed to undertake for many years.  All the materials had been sources, gathered at GBBC, however the covid bug wrecked our plans for volunteer work crews to put it all together.  It was no surprise to God, as He had a plan and the perfect timing for everything to happen.  I (Brian) worked to get everything designed, approved, ground prepared and materials purchased, but I am limit on time and knowledge to run the building project.  Part of Gods perfect timing was a provision to that need.  The college was able to hire an well experienced pastors who was a former GBBC graduate and is a expert builder to join our team.  He continues to be a Pastor of a local church, but has graciously been working fulltime to move the boys dorm project forward.

With any building the foundation is key to its function.  The same way that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of our lives.  You do not have to look far to see the storms coming and without a strong foundation the building and even our lives will crumble.

As the foundation (60+) post was being cemented into the ground we happen to be having a Pastor Conference at GBBC.  During this time we took some intentional to prayer over each post.
The prayers were not for the strength of the steel or the building to stand strong.  Why that is important, it was more for the many men that will be filling this dorm and preparing for the ministry God has given them.  Prayers that God would be calling men to give their lives to Christ and follow Him.  Our prayers is this building will house countless men who desire to share the Hope of Jesus Christ this those in PNG and the world.
Once the foundation was set the floors came together quickly and walls began to stand up!
The building has 24 rooms and will be set up to house 48 men.
To God be the glory the roof was able to go on while we are still in a dry season.  The weather here like many places has become unpredictable and once the rain starts here is can make things much more difficult.
As of today the exterior of the building is close to being finished.  On the inside the electrical has been started and Lord willing the floor and wall coverings will be going on soon!  It is very exciting to see it come together.  We would ask for your prayers the guys continue to progress on the building.  We also have cost we have not been able to cover to complete everything.  
One of the specific area of needs are we have purchased half of the beds/desk so we have 24, but need 24 more to be able to fill the building.  They are about $600usd each and are built in country by another mission school that trains believers to serve the Lord in carpentry.  If the Lord leads you in this area please let us know!
We have come to learn more and more with each project that The Lord will accomplish the project in His timing and His way.  It is important to make plans and diligently pursue the task God has placed before us, however it is just as important to hold the plans with open hands.  After all what we think is the goal in our lives might just be the foundation of a God-sized reality He is building!!!