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Saturday Slugger

Brian hit a home run this week with the group of guys he is working with to create an "entrance" to GBBC.  Check this out!  Gunner and Moriah striking a pose…. Finishing the electrical on the back side…. The flags are the twenty two provinces of Papua New Guinea.  The sign is to testify to the establishment of the Goroka Baptist Bible College, but ultimately?  The whole project is to the glory of God!  The "hill" that the flags and sign rest upon is known as "Mount Moriah."  It has been no small feat for the guys to build and transform what used to be a nice mound of dirt and create a masterpiece that testifies to our Creator God who redeems life from the dust of  the ground!   Gunner also hit a big milestone….we now have a seven-year-old in the house!  Can you see a glimpse of his excitement in his face while he was opening gifts? He had great fun….he requested homemade corn dogs….for breakfast!  I denied his request, but I made them for dinner instead. H