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Blessings and Work

 We had a wonderful gift of having some visitors from home for a couple weeks!  It was jam packed with all kinds of activities and adventures.  We were able to start the time off with a milestone event at Goroka Baptist Bible College.  We had a 50-year anniversary to celebrate the faithfulness of God in this small part of the world.  We were then able to go right into the 41st graduation and celebrate with those who are being launched into the ministries God has called them to.  Nolan, Bre, Doug, & Pastor Gene They were able to see some of our landscape..... They were able to experience some culture.... They had "epic adventures" with games, movie, pizza, beef jerky, popcorn with chocolate and fun that our children will not forget !! One of the big goals of the team was to start work on our new clinic project.  While the building materials are still in process and things are not ready yet for the main structure, they were able to start another part, the septic system.   W