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Pomaire (Pottery Village)

After much busyness that has been going on here at the school, we had this last Saturday free.  It was a much needed break for many of us!!  Our destination was Pomaire....which is a town located about 40 miles outside the city of Santiago.  We started off on our journey in the morning taking the Metro (subway) to a bus station. From there we found a bus and loaded up!! Here is a picture of those who went, excluding me (Brian) who was taking the picture.  Left to right is Lily, Megan, Joel, Emily, Nora, Kari, Phyllis.   This place is known for its pottery and there was lots of it!!!  All the pottery was made there, most of it being made right in the backs of the shops.  We spent the day looking through the shop and admiring the many different masterpieces made from clay.  It is amazing to see the end result, but its not always fun to look at the starting product.  Likewise we are no different, God continues to mold and sculpt each one of us into what He desires us to be. 

Bible Conference "The Supremacy of Christ"

This last week I (Brian) had the task of preparing for a Bible conference that took place this last weekend at our school.  The conference was put on by ABWE and the Seminary that is located near us.  It was really the cooperation of many people to make this conference happen.  It involved 13 different Churches located in the area.  The guest speaker for the conference was Dr. Luis Carballosa.  He lives in Spain and was here specifically for this conference.  As the pictures show there was much to be done in order to change our open gym into an event center.   To start we hung up a material called "Malla" (in English it is just mesh) around the whole outside of the court.  Then there needed to be curtains hung, screens for video, and a stage made, and specific lights hung.  The blessing was that I had lots of steel tubing lying around for an upcoming project.  I ended up using every bit of it in some way to make this all work. Once the big things were completed the ch

Happy Birthday, Phyllis!

I have a confession.   I tried to keep my birthday a secret this year.   I know, it’s a silly venture, but I figured that if I didn’t tell anyone here at the mission that it was my birthday that nobody would find out.   Hahaha.   Who was the one fooled?   Me.   In the morning, Brian surprised me by making me breakfast.   He also got me a guitar!!!   I played around on it for some time while he had to do some setup for the Bible conference that is taking place this coming weekend here at SCA. There was a potluck lunch at the school for all the staff on the 12 th . There was quite a spread of food as is evidenced in the pictures.   It was put on by the administration of the school.   At the conclusion of the meal, I was presented with a cake.   Thankfully, the cake only held one candle…..I was SO glad we were celebrating only ONE year and not the full 29!   Everybody sang, and I tried to take it all in.   After lunch, Brian and I tagged along with some friends to a place in t

Breakfast is served!

Brian heard some of us teachers talking that the end of the grading quarter was coming up, and we had LOTS to do.  So?  He picked a Saturday and set aside a four hour block time to work on grades and lesson plans......but that's not the best part......he THEN offered to feed us all breakfast!  Others pitched in for breakfast too, but Brian decided to be in charge of the main course.....french toast! Here are Brian and I cooking french toast in the high school kitchen. From another angle, we look a little less official, but we were working in between photos! After our grading/planning sprint, there was a birthday party here at the school for one of the missionary families.  To close out the evening, we had a bonfire on the field out back.  It takes some time to actually get approved to have a fire.....the people often burn stuff in the street for protest, but to have a friendly "legal" bonfire took some real effort.  To celebrate we had Chilean s'mores....

Where we minister

This is where Brian and I are ministering: Santiago Christian Academy.  We tried to capture different perspectives of the school to show all those who are following where we are serving.  There are other areas included too that are still under the ABWE branch here in Santiago, Chile.  Hope you enjoy! This is a picture of the Santiago Christian Academy. The building on the far right is the current Elementary School. The building in the middle is the current High School. On the far left, there is what we call the covered Cancha. It has a tiled floor and is roofed where the kids have a basketball court and a covered area to run and play. As you enter the gates of SCA, you will see this view.  The Elementary building is on the left, then the High School, then the Cancha, and in the back on the right you will see the apartments/office building.  The apartments are upstairs, and the offices are below.    Here is a close up of the offices.  There is a gardening elective