Pomaire (Pottery Village)

After much busyness that has been going on here at the school, we had this last Saturday free.  It was a much needed break for many of us!!  Our destination was Pomaire....which is a town located about 40 miles outside the city of Santiago.  We started off on our journey in the morning taking the Metro (subway) to a bus station. From there we found a bus and loaded up!!
Here is a picture of those who went, excluding me (Brian) who was taking the picture.  Left to right is Lily, Megan, Joel, Emily, Nora, Kari, Phyllis. 
 This place is known for its pottery and there was lots of it!!!  All the pottery was made there, most of it being made right in the backs of the shops.  We spent the day looking through the shop and admiring the many different masterpieces made from clay.  It is amazing to see the end result, but its not always fun to look at the starting product.  Likewise we are no different, God continues to mold and sculpt each one of us into what He desires us to be.  Even when we begin to take shape and start to look like something cool remember the fire is coming.  Just like pottery we need to be put through the heat.  It is not to harm us, but to secure us!!!
 We also had to try the greatly anticipated food!!!  This town boasts that they have 1.5kg (3.3lbs) empanada which proved to be ginormous.  As we wrapped up the day we all headed back to the bus stop that we got dropped off at.  To our surprise we found out that the bus that had brought us there was sold out.......so we needed to find a new way home...ahhhhh, yup our thoughts exactly.  We got on a bus that was supposed to take us to another town where we could transfer from there to head back to Santiago.  That bus they said it was only a 5 min ride......but it turned out to be a bit longer.  We were on the back of the bus, and the driver kept stopping and getting more and more people.  The bus was packed with people so there was no way for us to get out even if we wanted to.  Then there were two guys who started playing guitars another playing some pipe instrument and a few of them singing as loud as they could.  It was an interesting ride.  If I failed to mention we had no idea of where we were going or when to get off.....our Spanish is not exactly very good yet.  God proved faithful, and after getting off the bus, we found the bus station.  We made it back safe, sound, and tired.  To God be the Glory!!