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"This Old House" revisited

Right now the Hoveys are in the middle of big changes....we are in the process of putting on an addition to Brian's parents home.  Brian and Gene (Brian's dad) have been busy with planning and executing those plans to keep the work moving forward.  They are in the thick of things daily and are not afraid to get their hands dirty!  Gunner would be out there helping too, but then he'd get his hands dirty, and right now everything goes to his mouth!  While I am sure there will be days when Gunner will eat dirt in the future, I'm not ready for the repercussions of that yet! Here is some of the work done so far.... This is a picture of the original house from the driveway looking over. This is a picture of the original house from the front yard. (It's very similar shot to the one above)  Here is a picture of the tree in the front yard cut down and the front porch torn off.   Here is a closer shot of the guys working on putting up the house wrap after

And the blind shall SEE...

As of two weeks ago tomorrow, our Gracious God spared my Mom's (Phyllis) life in a terrible car accident.  Mom's injuries included many broken bones (four vertebrae, three ribs, scapula, and collar bone) and lots of bruising.  Below is her vehicle after the crash.  What you can see in the photo is that the accident was bad.  What you CAN'T SEE is that there is good coming out of it, but truly, by God's mercy it is true! God not only preserved mom's life, but He gave her a new life to enjoy......Gunner's.  Since mom's accident, Gunner and I have spent substantial amounts of time with her.  She told me just the other day that it has been a gift to be able to get to know her grandson.  While she can't change his diaper or feed him and do that kind of stuff, she gets to SEE him grow.....she gets to talk to him and kiss his cheeks.  She gets to SEE him. In my mind, this is a gift for both mom AND Gunner.  Lord willing, in a couple years from now our f