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Invisible Empires

Several of you know that my favorite recording artist is Sara Groves.  One of her more recent albums was entitled, "Invisible Empires."  I love to listen to music and re-listen to music that makes me think deeply and challenges me.  Somehow, Sara Groves manages to do that.   Anyways, in this brief interview about the album, I was challenged by her analogy of the work of God as similar to the work of a pregnancy.  It is eternal.  It is lasting.  HOWEVER, aside from agreeing to participate in carrying a baby, a mother doesn't really 'do' anything.  She can't worry one hair in place, but she can take care of herself and TRUST that an Almighty Heavenly Father is doing a work IN her and THROUGH her that will make an impact.  Sometimes, on a day to day basis, I don't SEE the bigger picture.  I get caught up in giving directions to my Kindergarten students or making copies for their next day's work.  However, I have agreed to participate in carrying out

Dieciocho Program

 Currently, the country of Chile is celebrating their Independence Day....(many days) known as Dieciocho. The official celebration day begins tomorrow, but here at the school we celebrated early so as to get in on the fun! Here are a couple photos and explanations from the happenings and goings-on....... Rob Hagerty (school administrator), Doug Amundson (school treasurer), and Brian Hovey (sound guy) praying and translating the beginning of the event!  Kindergartners being silly while waiting for the program to begin! 1st and 2nd grade girls lined up and ready to perform! 1st and 2nd grade students dancing and having fun! Kindergartners in their shining moment! (Mrs. Hovey had to help out too.....) Upper classman dancing the traditional Chilean dance known as "the Cueca!"   All the Chilean workers at SCA receiving recognition and gratitude for the hard work they put forth to make our school function well!  

BIG NEWS......Lifechanging

Well this week we wanted to let everyone know the Hovey’s lives are changing forever.  We are having a Baby!  Even though that may sound very exciting……and it is, but it is a little nerve racking for us.  As you can imagine we are in a different world and we don’t speak the language well so there will be plenty of challenges.  We know that God's timing is perfect though, and we are trusting in His timing over ours!  We have seen God orchestrate some pretty amazing things over the last few weeks…so there is no doubt He has a plan.  We were able to hear the heart beat this last week…so that was amazing.  The due date is towards the end of April this means Lord willing we will be having a little Chilean citizen. Phyllis' health has been good overall, but she is experiencing morning "all day" sickness.  With feeling nausea and fatigue......I am sure you can image how much more difficult it is to teach Kindergarden.  To God be the Glory she is pushing forw

Jesus and Nicodemus Revisited

Several of you reading this blog, may have heard of the story of Jesus and Nicodemus recorded in the Bible.  Nicodemus was a religious leader in the days of Jesus that wanted to understand what Jesus was talking about when He spoke of being "born again."  In all honesty, it can be confusing to know how to understand all that Jesus said.  We don't pretend to know all about theology, but we DO know that there are eternal consequences for the decision we make as to what we do with Jesus.  Tonight we wanted to share a child's perspective (one of Phyllis' Kindergarteners) on this well known Bible account.  It is complete with aliens and spaceships!  Now we know that isn't how the story goes, but it does attest to the fact that there is some serious confusion about what is the TRUTH of Jesus. Jesus is our Savior, our Stability, and our WORLD.    There are many that say, "...that is nice....He is just not for me."  Well it is true that we each ha