Jesus and Nicodemus Revisited

Several of you reading this blog, may have heard of the story of Jesus and Nicodemus recorded in the Bible.  Nicodemus was a religious leader in the days of Jesus that wanted to understand what Jesus was talking about when He spoke of being "born again."  In all honesty, it can be confusing to know how to understand all that Jesus said.  We don't pretend to know all about theology, but we DO know that there are eternal consequences for the decision we make as to what we do with Jesus. 
Tonight we wanted to share a child's perspective (one of Phyllis' Kindergarteners) on this well known Bible account.  It is complete with aliens and spaceships!  Now we know that isn't how the story goes, but it does attest to the fact that there is some serious confusion about what is the TRUTH of Jesus.
Jesus is our Savior, our Stability, and our WORLD. 
There are many that say, "...that is nice....He is just not for me."  Well it is true that we each have to make our own decision and will have to live with those consequences for eternity.  Jesus died for ALL.  Don't take our word for it for yourself in the Bible.  Sure you can say, "How do we know the Bible is real?"......well we challenge you to read it (true or not) just like you read any other book and decide for your self!
Here is a snapshot.....
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