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Locked out

Sometimes God gets a hold of my heart in the strangest circumstances and situations.  Yesterday was one of those days.  When I leave the house, typically I check three things: 1) The doors are locked. 2) I have my key. 3) I have my phone.  I don’t always check them in that order, but when I leave the house, it is a routine for me to check those things.   Well, you can imagine my surprise when I went to let myself in the house after working on cleaning our porch a bit, only to find that the front door was locked.  Hmph.  No big deal, I thought.  Gunner and/or Rie must’ve accidently locked the front door when they were playing earlier.  So?  I went around the other side of the house and checked the other door.  Strange.  It was locked too.  Gunner and Rie were both outside with me, although they were playing and hadn’t missed going into the house. I have to confess; I was a bit flustered.  I called out to G. and Rie and plainly asked, “Hey guys, did one of you lock the doors?” “Yup!” Mor