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Our first anniversary

As many of you know, Brian and I were married ONE YEAR AGO……on Aug. 18 th , 2012.   For our FIRST anniversary, Brian and I were able to go the Gratitorio—a rotating restaurant that overlooks the city!   Our waiter didn’t speak English, so we couldn’t ask for a photo of the two of us, but here I am with the city and the mountains behind me!   The restaurant was 18 stories up and we were able to rotate all around the city while we enjoyed our meal!   We also got to see the sun go down which was AMAZING!!!!   WHAT a blessing! One of the couples we work with knew that it was our anniversary, and they graciously purchased a cake—with a wedding topper and all!—for us to celebrate!   Here is a pic of Brian with our cake.   It was very unique in the way that it was more like pastry layers with cream filling in between the layers…….I don’t really know how to describe it other than DELICIOUS!!! We went to the restaurant to celebrate on Saturday, but our actual anniversary was on Sunday

Meeting New Friends......

Now that we have been here a little while, we thought it was time that we introduce you to some of our new friends……there is another couple here (Joel and Meagan Williamson—on left) that have come from PA to serve.   Meagan teaches 3 rd /4 th grade in the elementary school, and Joel teaches history in the high school.   Meagan speaks Spanish well and has been in Chile before in a study abroad program.   On the right hand side in the front is Emily Dick.   She is also from PA.   She teaches Chemistry and Biology at the high school level.     The group of Easterners have noticed our Minnesooooooootan accent.   :0)   It’s fun to be able to laugh with them about our differences in talking!   There are also two other families in the apartments, but unfortunately, they are not pictured for the time being.   Our neighbors, Kipp and Katy Crigger, have five children and are from MI.   The other family’s names are Jim and Kari Hurley, and they have two daughters.   They are from IA, so our acce

Stories from the week

Brian and I have both chosen a highlight from the first week to share on the blog…..well, actually, I chose Brian’s for him…..:0S One of Brian’s responsibilities is to monitor the rock climbing wall here at the school in the morning while kids are arriving.   He’s out there for about a half an hour with children of all ages.   About half way through the week, Brian shared this little story (my paraphrase): He was at the wall doing his duty when one of the kids who were waiting on the bench for his turn naively asked him, “Mr. Hovey?   Are you a Dad?” “No,” Brian replied. “OK,” said the child.   He continued waiting and then when he was close again responded, “Mr.   Hovey?   I know what you are…..” “Really?” questioned Brian. “Yup!” the child spoke confidently……(pause)……………“You must be a Grandpa!!!!” Hahahahaha!!!!   I thoroughly enjoyed this child’s reasoning and thought our readers might too! My story is a serious one, but it displays the protection of our

First Day of School

picture of my classroom Yesterday was our FIRST official day with kids!   I have 12 students in my Kindergarten class…..they were wonderful to meet!   They all came—perfect attendance—and they blew my socks off!   We whizzed through the material I had planned for the day as if it were only meant for half of the day! Ah well……that’s why they’re called “plans” right?  hahahaa. These are the students’ desks and the layout of my classroom.   My desk is in the back corner, and then there is some room for the students’ center play in the afternoon.   Thank you to the many who prayed for me and Brian on the first day!!!   We really appreciated it!!! Brian has become quite the jack-of-all trades this week.   He’s been working as a community service coordinator/supervisor, a substitute teacher in high school, a rock climbing wall overseer, an IT specialist, and oh so much more!   Needless to say, I’m proud of his diligence!!!