Meeting New Friends......

Now that we have been here a little while, we thought it was time that we introduce you to some of our new friends……there is another couple here (Joel and Meagan Williamson—on left) that have come from PA to serve.  Meagan teaches 3rd/4th grade in the elementary school, and Joel teaches history in the high school.  Meagan speaks Spanish well and has been in Chile before in a study abroad program.  On the right hand side in the front is Emily Dick.  She is also from PA.  She teaches Chemistry and Biology at the high school level.   The group of Easterners have noticed our Minnesooooooootan accent.  :0)  It’s fun to be able to laugh with them about our differences in talking!  There are also two other families in the apartments, but unfortunately, they are not pictured for the time being.  Our neighbors, Kipp and Katy Crigger, have five children and are from MI.  The other family’s names are Jim and Kari Hurley, and they have two daughters.  They are from IA, so our accent isn’t QUITE as pronouced to them…..we haven’t whipped out any IA jokes……YET. 

Front Row Left to Right:  Meagan Willimson, Phyllis Hovey, Emily Dick
Back Row Left to Right:  Joel Williamson and Brian Hovey
 In the other picture below, you will meet our administrator, Rob Hagerty.  His wife, Sherry, is on the left hand side of him.  She teaches art for the entire school.  On his right side is a picture of their son, Trenton.  He attends school here at SCA (Santiago Christan Academy).  They all have been extermemly hospitable and kind as we have had many adjustments to deal with these first couple of weeks.

From Left to Right:  Sherry Hagerty, Rob Hagerty, and Trenton Hagerty
There is one more new friend that I (Phyllis) just HAD to introduce to all of you.  His native name is Flaming Feathers…… might also recognize him as Mr. Brian Hovey…….;0)  Brian got the opportunity to speak at a men’s event this past week.  The theme for the night was , “The Night of the Indian.”  They were supposed to dress in traditional garb, so Brian whipped out his braids, feathers, and moccasins for the event!  There is a single shot of just Brian and then there is a group shot with all the men that attended.  This particular event didn’t start till 8:30 or 9:00pm and wasn’t finished till well after midnight!  When they entitled it “NIGHT of the Indian,” the organizers weren’t kidding!  Anyways, just wanted to pass along a couple of our photos……hope you all enjoy!

Flaming Feathers

Chilean Men at "The Night of the Indian"


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