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When Loss is Gain

This weekend, Gunner lost his first tooth!!!  It has been loose for weeks and has caused more than one tearful nighttime routine….Gunner was afraid he would lose his tooth in the night and the tooth fairy wouldn’t understand.  I love that boy!! After Dad pulled it out, Gunner put it in an envelope to put on his dresser…..he anxiously awaited what would become of his envelope the next morning!  He wasn’t disappointed!  Turns out the tooth fairy has residence in PNG too!  While Gunner might have lost a tooth, he gained coins with monetary value in exchange. A good friend of mine once shared with me her take on the verse Job 1:21.  It says,  And he [Job] said, “Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return. The  Lord  gave, and the  Lord has  taken away;  blessed   be  the name of the  Lord .” This particular friend is an avid fan of nature.  She sees God in the world around her.  She shared that the principle of God giving and taking away reminded her of the ocean and


Our days have been busy with the constant change of needs. They have ranged from continuing to fix broken equipment, find supplies, do schooling for the kids and the many other daily tasks of life. This last week it was necessary to travel to the port city of Lae in order to get some needed supplies. For us, this about a 170-mile trip one way on the Highlands Highway. It is not the typical road we would expect from a national highway as it took us about 6.5-hour drive to get there and an 8-hour drive to get back. I (Brian) went down there with one of the GBBC students and a missionary couple that has joined our team from the Philippines. We spent a couple days shopping for supplies and trying to stay dry in the constant rain that was falling. It was a productive trip overall, but it always makes me thankful to be home!  This week we also started down the road to a very big milestone as Gunner took a placement test this week to begin 1st grade at a local mission school. He was a


While July 4 doesn’t have any significant meaning here in Papua New Guinea, it will always hold memories in our hearts.  As many back in the USA take part in Independence Day celebrations, it is easy to get caught up in the fun fireworks, great barbeques, and awesome times with friends and family….all of those things we miss.  To be honest, we feel a bit bummed as when we were in the USA last year for the 4 th   nothing took place because of the covid situation.  We did get to do a bit of grilling here with our diverse team in PNG…that was enjoyable!  We have been thinking about the many that made the 4 th   a celebration for us…..    Dying for a worthy cause is not a new idea.  In fact, it’s a principle that our country was founded on.  While those in the past have died for the physical freedoms we enjoy, there is a greater freedom to be had.  There is a greater sacrifice that is often overlooked, but it is universal for all mankind regardless of your location.  Jesus Christ, God’s So