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Christmas in Light of Eternity

This is a longer blog than normal; however, it has been a while since our last  post .  This will give you some insight into the recent struggles in our absen ce   of  writing  and some ways to pray for us! M y home culture  (Phyllis)  would be  considered  a middleclass American family,  while  my primary custom (or set of beliefs) would be considered Christian.   Now that I have clarified that, I  currently  live in Papua New Guinea.  One of the ways we help and serve with those around us is by employing  occasional  National Papua New Guineans in our home as well as ministry projects .  Stop.  What just ran through your mind?  Was it that I am a rich American?  Was it  a judgmental thought about why I’m not doing these tasks myself?  While it is not ‘typical’ American culture to have such help, it IS a sub-culture here in PNG among those serving from abroad.  It helps us focus on ministry, language and other responsibilities here at the college and  at the same time  provid e  emplo