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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Ok, that’s not JUST our blog post title.   Really.   Looking at this picture, can you tell what’s wrong?   Gaze carefully and you might be able to tell!!! The suspense is KILLING me!   I’ll zoom into the problem just in case you can’t tell from a distance…… Do you see that hose that is not connected to anything?   It’s supposed to go up and into the toilet!   Brian and I started our day today at about 12:00 AM……NO KIDDING…..when we woke up to the sound of GUSHING water!   I got up first and ran to the sound.   It was coming from behind the toilet, but there was water shooting everywhere so neither Brian or I could tell WHERE it was coming from.   Brian stuck his face down there to check out the situation (half asleep, mind you) and he received a thorough dousing!   Ack! He went to look for the water line shut off while I started sopping up what I could with towels.   We managed to get the water off and that’s when it sunk in…….(get it?)……yeah, we had a water problem!   We

Changing Seasons

Santiago Christian Academy 2013 Winter In shady, green pastures so rich and so sweet/God leads His dear children along……. SCA 2014 Summer Some through great waters/Some through the flood/Some through the fire/but all through the blood/Some through great sorrow/ but God gives a song/in the night seasons/and all the day long! –George Young If you look at the above pictures, the view hardly looks the same.   As Brian and I came back to Santiago Christian Academy for the 2 nd semester, we were reminded that life is about seasons.   We left the winter season of Minnesota to come to the summer season of Chile.   We will soon head back into winter here in Santiago, but what struck me about these photos is their similarity to how my walk with Christ looks.   Hence, I shared the hymn that resonated with “seasons.”   Sometimes things really ARE bright and green and lush with life, and other times?   Life is a struggle.   HO

Back to Work!

This week on Monday, we started back to work full-time at the school.   Thankfully, we had some time last week to get settled and rearrange in our home.   We even cleaned nooks and crannies and cupboards!  Once the work starts it is very hard to find time to do things at home so it feels good to be settled and starting to establish routine again.   Brian’s first of many tasks was to organize and help facilitate painting the school buildings with a work team of 15 volunteers that came.   He got up early and helped Mark (pictured below) get the primer coat on the front of the building.   The work crew arrived around 10:00 AM.   They were a team of skateboarders from around the globe(US, Canada, Finland, Australia, Central America)   that had met up with an organization in California to get training as to how to use their passion for skateboarding as a tool to help share the Gospel.   They have been traveling through Chile the last few months and were doing some skateboard ministry in o

Back in Chile

Heading out from Minneapolis, MN, we were the last flight permitted to fly to Atlanta, GA for the evening……Georgia was expecting ice storms and after the last one they were preparing to brave it!   We also squeaked out of Atlanta at around ten o’clock and the storm was projected to hit after midnight…..whew!   Close call!!! Once aboard our aircrafts, things went smoothly, but it was a process to get there.   We had to switch terminals in Atlanta, and there was a baggage issue when we got to Santiago……Brian unpacked six of our 8 bags, but   to God’s glory, we were able to get through with every one!   And NO duty tax!    WHAT a blessing!   Our rides were ready and waiting when we got out of the airport, and boy, were we ever grateful!!! We tried to unpack all our bags when we got back to our apartment, but we BOTH made the mistake of sitting down and then the work was over… was time to rest.   Thankfully, we had put together our NEW BED when we had first gotten home, so it

An opportunity to sing

Today I (Phyllis) got an opporunity to sing at Daybreak Community's Wednesday night Communion Service.  It was so fun to get a call and ask if I'd be interested......I sang one of my all-time favorites, "He's Always Been Faithful" by Sara Groves.  There was a time of prayer for me and Brian which was also sweet.  Here I am........  ....and here is the band for the night!  (L to R-Heidi, Jill, me) One really neat song we sang during the service was entitled, "The More I Seek You."  It is sung by Kari Jobe, but I am not sure if the lyrics were written by her or not.  Here are what they say: The more I seek You/the more I find You/the more I find You/the more I love You/I want to sit at Your feet/drink from the cup in Your hand/lay back against You and breathe/hear Your heartbeat/this love is so deep/it's more than I can stand/I melt in Your peace/it's overwhelming....(repeat) What I loved about the song was the reflective moment with