Back in Chile

Heading out from Minneapolis, MN, we were the last flight permitted to fly to Atlanta, GA for the evening……Georgia was expecting ice storms and after the last one they were preparing to brave it!  We also squeaked out of Atlanta at around ten o’clock and the storm was projected to hit after midnight…..whew!  Close call!!!
Once aboard our aircrafts, things went smoothly, but it was a process to get there.  We had to switch terminals in Atlanta, and there was a baggage issue when we got to Santiago……Brian unpacked six of our 8 bags, but  to God’s glory, we were able to get through with every one!  And NO duty tax!   WHAT a blessing!  Our rides were ready and waiting when we got out of the airport, and boy, were we ever grateful!!!
We tried to unpack all our bags when we got back to our apartment, but we BOTH made the mistake of sitting down and then the work was over… was time to rest.  Thankfully, we had put together our NEW BED when we had first gotten home, so it was ready and waiting!!!!  Thank you to all who worked on our behalf to have that ready and waiting when we got to Chile!  I have slept in it, and Brian is still sleeping……it is very nice! 
Then our dear friends, the Sharps, brought us over dinner and dessert!  MMMMMMM-mmmmmm!  We had a dish called “Mexican Chicken” and boy, was it ever delicious!  Brian needed to catch some more ZZ’s after our meal because he was unable to sleep on the flight here.  I put in somes  photoof our living room so you can sort of see how much checked luggage we had………thanks to all who sent warm wishes and prayers!
Our last Sunday in MN!!!
View of our luggage from the corner.....

View from the couch....

View as you walk in the front door........any way you look, it's a LOT of luggage!