What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Ok, that’s not JUST our blog post title.  Really.  Looking at this picture, can you tell what’s wrong?  Gaze carefully and you might be able to tell!!!
The suspense is KILLING me!  I’ll zoom into the problem just in case you can’t tell from a distance……

Do you see that hose that is not connected to anything?  It’s supposed to go up and into the toilet!  Brian and I started our day today at about 12:00 AM……NO KIDDING…..when we woke up to the sound of GUSHING water!  I got up first and ran to the sound.  It was coming from behind the toilet, but there was water shooting everywhere so neither Brian or I could tell WHERE it was coming from.  Brian stuck his face down there to check out the situation (half asleep, mind you) and he received a thorough dousing!  Ack!

He went to look for the water line shut off while I started sopping up what I could with towels.  We managed to get the water off and that’s when it sunk in…….(get it?)……yeah, we had a water problem!  We swept out a lot of it onto the balcony and into the grass, but not without it wreaking havoc first!  Our carpet in the living room was soaked, but FORTUNATELY it had taken the brunt of the water, NOT the furniture!  Praise the Lord for that!  We also were BLESSED because NONE of our electronics were damaged.  We were able to get them up and off the ground before the water hit.  Again, Praise the Lord! 
We had a mess on the floor of our carpeted bedroom too……..:0S  Our bedroom is the closest room to the bathroom, so it was a good three feet into our bedroom carpet before we got the water under control.  We put fans on the carpet floor for the night and got a mop for the remainder of the tiled floors.  Although Brian and I mentioned that our tile and concrete home was cold in the winter, we were certainly glad that it was made of concrete and tile when it came to our water problem…..it was MUCH easier to mop up than if we had had laminate flooring or something more common like that as is customary in the States. 

Well?  We were able to get a little sleep after a VERY early start to the day and then we were up and at ‘em today trying to fix the toilet and finish drying out our carpet.  We are giving God praise and thanksgiving for taking care of us and minimizing damage in comparison to what it could’ve been.  We TRULY serve a great God!