Back to Work!

This week on Monday, we started back to work full-time at the school.  Thankfully, we had some time last week to get settled and rearrange in our home.  We even cleaned nooks and crannies and cupboards!  Once the work starts it is very hard to find time to do things at home so it feels good to be settled and starting to establish routine again. 

Brian’s first of many tasks was to organize and help facilitate painting the school buildings with a work team of 15 volunteers that came.  He got up early and helped Mark (pictured below) get the primer coat on the front of the building.  The work crew arrived around 10:00 AM.  They were a team of skateboarders from around the globe(US, Canada, Finland, Australia, Central America)  that had met up with an organization in California to get training as to how to use their passion for skateboarding as a tool to help share the Gospel.  They have been traveling through Chile the last few months and were doing some skateboard ministry in our area.  Through God's perfect timing and connection they were told about the school and decided to help us out in a big way for a day.
They didn’t waste any time getting started after prayer and instructions for the day.  Here is a pic of some of them hard at work.  Now, lest you think Brian took on a supervisory role, let me just clarify that he’s holding that massive umbrella in place so that the team has some shade while they work.  It may seem like a menial task, but it reminds me of the verse in Matt. 10:42 that says, “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”  Shade makes a HUGE difference in Chile because we have a very dry heat and hot sun.
Finally, at the end of the day, we feasted on rotisserie chickens and French fries….a Chilean treat!  We also enjoyed fresh watermelon!!!  It was delicious!  We are praising the Lord for this team who was willing to be used by God to bless our school.  Only He could’ve brought together such a hodge-podge group of believers and use them for the sake of His Kingdom!!!!!  We are grateful!