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Dentist visit

Phyllis and I (Brian) had the great opportunity to go to the Dentist this last week.....ok, so maybe "great" is a strong word.  Either way we went to the dentist this last week.  Phyllis has been having a couple issues with her teeth so she went in to have them checked.  Well, being a good husband, I decided to take one for the team and go with her. The office we went to was downtown so we headed out..... Our first step was to walk to the metro.  Then, we had to put funds on our Bip! card.  This card provides access to the metro and the bus system here in Santiago.  It is a prepaid card that we have to scan every time we get on the bus or metro.  It costs just over a dollar each to get on.    Here is a pic of it stopped.  It is actually a quick way to get downtown and a LOT less inexpensive.  We don't know from experience, but we have heard that parking and traffic are the two downfalls of downtown driving.   Then we were on our way!  We left at about 10:

On the Trail

Well?  This last week brought an interesting adventure. It is DEFINITELY one worth sharing!  We went horseback riding in the Andy mountains!!!  Now, initially, Brian did the research.  I must confess, I had a warped perspective when he mentioned the idea.  When he told me "horseback riding in the mountains" all I could think of was The Man From Snowy River .  I imagined galloping down the side of the mountains almost vertically.....scary, I know.  So, I was a little hesitant at first, but thankfully I just had an overactive imagination.  :0)   This is a photo of our guide on the journey.  As you can see, his horse is behind him on the left.  Looks similar, huh?  Thankfully, he took a MUCH slower pace and a lot more gradual incline AND decline.  He spoke only Spanish, so our conversation was sparse.   Here is Brian and his wild mustang.  Does the mustang look a wee bit small?  We thought so too, but our guide was confident that the horse was the right one for Brian.

New Scenery

The school year has been completed, and as we prepare for the next year to begin, our scenery has changed a little.  During the break we were asked to watch a fellow missionary's house while they are out of the country.  It is not a wise thing to leave a house with no one living in it due to wide spread theft issues.  So we moved in this last week and will be here until the second week of August.  It has been a nice change of place to be in a house and have a little time/space away from school/work. We do have a couple residents to take care of.  Their names are Samson and Caesar.  They are both Great Danes.  They like to take me (Brian) out for walks every day and remind me each day why I never like to clean a barn.  This type of dog is not common here because of their size.....which makes for a very good insurance policy.  This week we have taken a much needed break and were able to drive to a city on the coast called San Antonio.  This is a major shipping port and was re

Graduation 2014 at SCA

July 1st, 2014--Our first graduation this year celebrated the young men that Brian and Rob Hagerty took through a Men's Bible Study called Stepping Up put out by Family Life Today.  There were 15 young men that started the study and to God be the Glory 13 finished!  They had a cookout (Chilean style) to commemorate the final study.  A HUGE thanks goes out to Kari Hurley who supplied treats EVERY week that filled the stomachs of these teenagers!  The study was about godly manhood and how to purposefully pursue it.  July 2nd, 2014--Our dress rehearsal for Kindergarten Graduation!  I took a picture of the boys and the girls as they were preparing.  I wanted to remember their enthusiasm and excitement for years to come!  As you can tell, they were having a blast!   July 3rd, 2014--10:30 AM photo shoot of my last day with these grown up Kindergartners!!!  The program went EXTREMELY well, and I couldn't have been more pleased! The class performed a couple songs (complete

Changing Seasons

Part of the life of a missionary are frequent hellos and good-byes.  We would like to take this blog and dedicate some fond farewells to our neighbors.  In Apt. #5 (to the right of us) lives the Crigger Clan.  They have been a tremendous blessing to us as they were the first to welcome us in August of 2013. They brought us muffins shortly after we arrived and invited us over for dinner before we had a chance to go grocery shopping.  They also showed us around the outdoor market (feria) and have frequently lent us a half a cup of sugar or some other odd ingredient that we haven't had.  Kolby has been in Kindergarten this year and has brought much enthusiasm to the classroom.  We will miss them, and we wanted to invite each of you to pray for them as they will face many transitions in the USA after serving in Chile for the past two years.  Kipp has taught Bible, Science, and other courses in the High School.  Katie has helped greatly behind the scenes for many school functions.  T