Changing Seasons

Part of the life of a missionary are frequent hellos and good-byes.  We would like to take this blog and dedicate some fond farewells to our neighbors. 
In Apt. #5 (to the right of us) lives the Crigger Clan.  They have been a tremendous blessing to us as they were the first to welcome us in August of 2013. They brought us muffins shortly after we arrived and invited us over for dinner before we had a chance to go grocery shopping.  They also showed us around the outdoor market (feria) and have frequently lent us a half a cup of sugar or some other odd ingredient that we haven't had.  Kolby has been in Kindergarten this year and has brought much enthusiasm to the classroom.  We will miss them, and we wanted to invite each of you to pray for them as they will face many transitions in the USA after serving in Chile for the past two years.  Kipp has taught Bible, Science, and other courses in the High School.  Katie has helped greatly behind the scenes for many school functions.  The Crigger children have been involved in almost everything.  They are very active children and can be seen running around barefoot in any given season.  It has been a blessing to watch them grow and learn!
Crigger Clan: (L to R) Kiara, Kolby, Kipp, Kamden, Kimi, Katie, and Kallan
 In Apt #3 (to the left of us) lives Team Williamson.  We had the privilege of first meeting them during the Pre-AMP seminar in PA before we came to Chile.  Meagan is not just our neighbor in the apartments, but she also is my (Phyllis') classroom neighbor in the school.  I will greatly miss our morning chats!  She has taught 3rd/4th grade this past year at SCA while her husband, Joel, headed up teaching History to the High Schoolers.  We have enjoyed hearing Joel and Meagan harmonize while Joel strums the guitar through the the door that links our apartments.  Meagan and Joel are a dynamic duo that is headed back to the States this next week.  We would ask you to pray for them also as they will face many transitions when they reach home.
Team Williamson: Joel and Meagan
We will miss BOTH sets of neighbors as we head into next year, but we trust that God's plan for their lives is leading them elsewhere.  In Christ, we have the comfort that good-byes are NOT forever.  They are more like "see-ya-laters" until we meet in heaven or until Christ comes again.
Thank you, Crigger Clan and Team Williamson for your service and example here at SCA!!!! 
You will be missed!