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We would like to write a quick note and wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!!  This year we are spending our Thanksgiving with the whole ABWE Chile team up in the mountains.  There are 50+ of us when we count all the kids.  We thank God for the many ways He has blessed us including each one of you!   We are unable to share any pictures at this time because the internet is very limited, but we look forward to sharing some stories and pictures once we get back to Santiago.  Many blessing on your Thanksgiving!!!

High School Field Trip

This last week was the high school's turn to take a field trip. The focus this time of year has been history. All of the students are taking part in a history fair and the purpose of this field trip was to show history throughout the city we are in (Santiago). I (Brian) was asked to go along to help with the 40+ high schoolers that went. The day started by us breaking into groups.  So, I was given 7 kids to be responsible for throughout the day. We then left the school and walked to the metro (subway) to get to our first destination. About an hour later we all gathered together again and loaded up on a double decker tour bus. The tour bus took us through some of the well known parts of the city and talked about some of the history of specific areas. We did take a break at one of the historic districts and walked through the square. This area was very crowded and from the looks of what was going on a typical Chilean protest was going to happen. The riot police were alrea

Big Decision

As many of you may know or may have heard Phyllis and I have been considering staying here at Santiago Christian Academy (Chile) for another year.  We would like to share that we have made the decision to stay here another year if the Lord allows.  This is a big decision for us and has not been one that has been made lightly.   We thank you for all those who have prayed for us! Since we have decided to pursue another year we must also raise money for the second year.  We have decided to come back home to Minnesota over the Christmas/summer break to begin raising support and testifying to what God has been doing in and through us.   Would you consider partnering with us in the ministry God is doing here at SCA? We are going to be flying into MN on December 17 with a plan of returning to Chile in the end of January.  During this time we would like to meet with any and all who are interested in supporting us or are interested in hearing how God is working in Chile. With any questions p

Kinder Field Trip

Last week we took a field trip to a local bakery.   We had been studying about community helpers earlier in the school year, and now it was time to see them in action!!!   The children were excited about it, as you can imagine.   We went on a Wednesday.   The bakery was within walking distance, so after snack time and bathroom breaks, we started our trek! Here is a picture of our two class groups.   I have a class of thirteen, and I am fortunate to have a teacher’s assistant too!   We thought it would be best to divide and conquer……..   We went with the preschool class as well.   Inside the bakery, the first thing we were asked to do was put on hair nets.   The hair nets in Chile are heavier and more like a cap, as you can see in the photos.   While some of the children were apprehensive at first, it helped that the teachers had to wear them too! "Look at that teacher over there!"   We started out from the top……………we were in the President’s office!   The kids


Over the course of our time here in Chile, Brian has made a number of improvements to the school.   I wanted to take the time to give you visuals of just a few of them so that you can SEE some of the things he has been up to….. This is a lunch tray holder.   Previously, the old lunch tray holder was a bench right outside the office door.   Brian saw the need and DID something about it!   When he started the project, he just had raw materials.   As you can see, there was a lot of measuring and putting together that came along with this tray holder.   What I thought was the most mind boggling thing about the whole thing was that nobody asked Brian to take on this project.   He noticed that things weren’t very efficient how they were, and he just came up with a better way to do things!   The mind of an engineer……I love it!   Another project he has had his hand in was making some new cubbies for the Jr./Sr. High School.   On the left you can see the new, improved style of storage sp