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The waiting continues......

It’s been a few days.  It’s taken some time.  And now?  I’m ready to share. We need your prayers.  Our May 3rd leave date is moved to May 31st.  The airline canceled again.  Our paperwork is still in process.  How are we doing?  We are somewhere between hopeful acceptance and undeniable disappointment.  I don’t know what that place is called in and of itself.  Rebooking is an interruption...a feeling of failure. However?  We are thankful that we are able to rebook at all.  We are choosing  to trust God's timing is perfect EVEN THOUGH It is not ours.  He sees something we don’t.  He knows what is for our best as well as the best for those we desire to serve and serve with. Thanks for your prayers, care and patience with us.  This journey to get back to PNG has been a roller coaster ride FOR SURE!  We are grateful for each of you as we navigate these ups and downs.   How the current roller coaster of our life feels!