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December Update Letter

Merry Christmas!
We hope each one of you has a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  You can see our most recent update letter below.  If you have any issues viewing it or any questions please let us know. 
Many Blessings,
Brian & Phyllis Hovey
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November Update Letter

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We also added a few extra pictures below just for fun!!

Gunner loves pointing out pumpkins so we decided to make him a pumpkin.....and he thoroughly enjoyed it!! This was the group of guys Brian had the privilege of learning the skill of Forging (Blacksmith) from this last week! A huge thanks to Dan at Bighorn Forge Brian working on his first forged scarf weld! Our baby is getting bigger!! (due: January 21)

New Update Letter

Fathers Day Update!

It is wonderful to be a father on "Fathers Day" but it is equally wonderful to have had a great father in my life that has molded and shaped me into who I am today.  We have some exciting news to share!....just keep reading!!!

We have been enjoying our time in Pennsylvania these last few weeks.  We have reached almost the half way mark for my (Brian) training.  I have completed a course titled "Methods of Bible Study" and part one of the Roots of Faith "Old Testament".  Starting tomorrow I begin part two of the Roots of Faith course "New Testament" and the following couple weeks will be a theology course.  The days have been filled with lots of studying and reading.  Gunner has been keeping us on our toes as he is throughly enjoying getting into everything. Checking everything out to make sure it is still working... ......trying to taste/chew on anything and everything he can get his hands on... ....and of course looking cool doing it all!!
We d…

New Update Letter

The link to our new update letter......and some fun extra pictures!!

Gunner taking a wagon ride.....and loving it! Cuddling up with mom on a brisk spring day. Gunner checking out the tractor.  Gunner taking a ride on the merry-go-round.....wanting to go faster! 

Our Birthday Boy

It's taken me about a week to get our little guy's party pictures up.  I'm still a little stunned that he is already one!  Gunner has truly been a joy and a delight to nurture as he grows and has become our "big boy."  His favorite word is still "baby" as he looks at pictures of himself or anyone else from his first year of life...he is a social bug, so it goes without saying that he was definitely the life of the party!  Brian and I happily took a backseat to our "big boy" on his "big day!"  Here are a couple of photo favorites (thanks, Mandi!)....hope you enjoy! Gunner in his highchair in anticipation of his FIRST cupcake!  Gunner digging in....frosting first, of course!  "I'm not sure what to think of this green stuff, mom..."  " tastes great!"  "Time to double fist it!"  "Does anyone else want a bite? I'll share!"  Gunner showing off his teeth with mom.  Gunner's re…

Hoveys PNG Song

On a lighter note than our last blog, we have composed a song that shares a snapshot of our journey into missions, what we are up against, and how you can be involved.It was truly a family project!As you can see in the credits, it took each of us doing our part to accomplish the work…we see that going forward into missions also. We EACH will have a part to play on the field in Papua New Guinea in order to bring Christ to the nations.It is a privilege and a joy to be able to share the journey!!!

Struggles on the Journey

Time continues to move along on this pre-field journey to Papua New Guinea, and it has been one filled with great joy and times of struggle.We have lots to be thankful for as God has provided for our needs every day.Unfortunately these last weeks have been filled with a time of struggle and grief. Some of you know the saga of our lives as of late, others of you may not.  Last week we suffered from a miscarriage.  It was a WANTED pregnancy, for sure, but an unexpected letdown?  Yeah, that too.  
As I have struggled to process with Brian and with others the grief and emotion of it all, I was encouraged in our New Testament class this week regarding how we know we are built to be in relationship because the Trinity, at its core is relational--there is God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.So our God at the core is relational…..Why is this important?  Because my tendency is to hole up and shut up and hide.  Being in relationship is the exact opposite of that.  It invites me t…

A New Suit...

Over the course of the last month, there has been a LOT of progress made on the house project!   Yesterday, Brian and Gene (his Dad) finished blowing in insulation.  Gunner and I decided to visit Dad and Grandpa BEFORE the 'snow' started flying and this is how I imagined the conversation going--IF Gunner were older and knew how to talk.  :0)

I went and rescued Gunner, so no worries, but it sure was a fun outing!  You know, I feel kind of like Gunner on his adventure lately, although mine is more with God.  I find myself seeing Him in a different 'suit', but He is still recognizable...only, I don't always see it at first.  I have started a New Testament course through Village Schools of the Bible here in Minnesota, and it has been fun to read Scripture and continue learning who God is.  I have also started going through The Story of Hope which is a Bible study curriculum.  I am so thankful that no matter what 'suit' I find my Father God in, His love is …