Fathers Day Update!

It is wonderful to be a father on "Fathers Day" but it is equally wonderful to have had a great father in my life that has molded and shaped me into who I am today.  We have some exciting news to share!....just keep reading!!!

We have been enjoying our time in Pennsylvania these last few weeks.  We have reached almost the half way mark for my (Brian) training.  I have completed a course titled "Methods of Bible Study" and part one of the Roots of Faith "Old Testament".  Starting tomorrow I begin part two of the Roots of Faith course "New Testament" and the following couple weeks will be a theology course.  The days have been filled with lots of studying and reading.  Gunner has been keeping us on our toes as he is throughly enjoying getting into everything.
Checking everything out to make sure it is still working...
......trying to taste/chew on anything and everything he can get his hands on...
....and of course looking cool doing it all!!

We do have some exciting news to share.....we are having another BABY!!  If all goes as planned the new Hovey would arrive in January.  Phyllis and I...and of course Gunner are excited to see how God will orchestrate things out in His timing.  Our plan Lord willing will still be to leave for Papau New Guinea the beginning part of next year, but as we continue to learn....God's timing is always perfect.  We do ask very much for prayers though.  Phyllis has been extremely sick with "morning/all day sickness".  It has been challenging given the fact that I am in class all day and not able to help out with Gunner during the day.  
It is important to dwell on our Heavenly Father this special day who has brought life to each one of us.  It is truly amazing as I have been studying His words (The Bible) the last few weeks how loving He actually is.  Through all the ups and downs of life He never leaves us or stops caring about every detail.  I see numerous examples in the Bible of people blatantly turning their back on the God who saves them....the One who has given them life, yet He continues to love them.  There are always consequences that take place, but that is part of being a good Father.  Good fathers have guard rails set in place not to limit, but to protect from dangerous areas.  While some of you may feel like there is no turning back because of bridges you have burned with God, I am here to tell you differently.  Regardless what has been done, said, or even thought, our Heavenly Father wants you.  I hope you know Him personally.....if not this is the perfect day to get to know Him....it will be the greatest decision of your life!