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Hoveys PNG Song

On a lighter note than our last blog, we have composed a song that shares a snapshot of our journey into missions, what we are up against, and how you can be involved.   It was truly a family project!   As you can see in the credits, it took each of us doing our part to accomplish the work…we see that going forward into missions also. We EACH will have a part to play on the field in Papua New Guinea in order to bring Christ to the nations. It is a privilege and a joy to be able to share the journey!!!

Struggles on the Journey

Time continues to move along on this pre-field journey to Papua New Guinea, and it has been one filled with great joy and times of struggle.   We have lots to be thankful for as God has provided for our needs every day.     Unfortunately these last weeks have been filled with a time of struggle and grief.   Some of you know the saga of our lives as of late, others of you may not.  Last week we suffered from a miscarriage.  It was a WANTED pregnancy, for sure, but an unexpected letdown?  Yeah, that too.   As I have struggled to process with Brian and with others the grief and emotion of it all, I was encouraged in our New Testament class this week regarding how we know we are built to be in relationship because the Trinity, at its core is relational--there is God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit.   So our God at the core is relational…..Why is this important?  Because my tendency is to hole up and shut up and hide.  Being in relationship is the exact opposite of th