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A New Suit...

Over the course of the last month, there has been a LOT of progress made on the house project!   Yesterday, Brian and Gene (his Dad) finished blowing in insulation.  Gunner and I decided to visit Dad and Grandpa BEFORE the 'snow' started flying and this is how I imagined the conversation going--IF Gunner were older and knew how to talk.  :0) Uh.....Mom?  Who IS this guy?...He is breathing through a feels kind of weird....       I'm afraid, there a resemblance? hahahahaha!....I know who this guy is!....It is my DAD!!!  I KNEW he looked familiar! You better get over here, Mom, so we can take a family photo....I want to remember this! Hahahaha!...I can't seem to keep a straight face!  My Dad is SO funny! Uh.....Mom?  Do I stay for this part?.....You might want to come and get me! I went and rescued Gunner, so no worries, but it sure was a fun outing!  You know, I feel kind of like Gunner on his adventure lately, althoug