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About a month...

About a month ago... We were bringing home our little guy...what a delight it has been to have him join us in this world and in our adventure!  Gunner has been a wondrous new chapter in our lives, and we give God the glory for entrusting him to us! About a month from now... We will begin our journey to MN with our little man!  We have A LOT to do between now and then...finishing our work here, SCA graduation, packing up, saying our "see-you-laters," etc., and it is overwhelming to think we only have a month to do that in!  PLEASE pray for us!  We are in the middle of a big transition, and while it is exactly where we want to be, we also are aware that we need divine help to accomplish the work before us!   About a month after that... We will be headed back from a month out in PA and VA doing required training with our mission, ABWE, to hopefully take the next step in pursuing full time missionary service as an extension of the local church.  Again, PLEASE pray f

Our Little Dual Citizen!

Well, here he is......dual citizen least until he is 18.  Gunner has gone through quite the application process these past three weeks trying to get legal to come home to the United States.  THANK YOU to the many who have prayed that his paperwork would come through and get processed in a timely fashion.  To God be the glory, it has!!!!  Brian went and picked up Gunner's USA passport as well as his Chilean passport this past Thursday.  As you can tell by the picture, Gunner was pretty thrilled.....:0)  

Happy Mothers Day!!!

A Mother and her son...... As we are quickly approach this Mother’s Day, it is said...."What a mother sings to the cradle goes all the way down to the coffin. ~ Henry Ward Beecher” The impact a mother has on a child can never truly be seen in this life time.  I know I am very thankful for the amazing mother I am married to and I know she is impacting Gunner in ways that I never could!  Phyllis has stepped into the greatest role of this life time and I must say she has done it with amazing grace.  In Phyllis' words.....   Life at home with Gunner has been enjoyable FOR is not without its challenges, but overall it has been wonderful and it is just beginning!  We spend our days revolving around sleeping; eating, diapering, and then we repeat the process!  I also find time to boil bottles, do the dishes (trying to keep up), take out the garbage, laundry, and all those other household chores that fill a mother's days.    We want to also thank ou