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My Attitude

My Attitude This week has reminded me that in the midst of many things I can’t control, that God has graciously given me a choice about my attitude and how I respond to what’s given.  Now, very often, I don’t choose the best response.  Please, don’t get the wrong picture, BUT I was challenged to write a poem in light of this idea.....for me, as a reminder.  I thought it would be fun to share in the hopes of blessing someone else out there and encouraging them to make a choice about attitude too!   This week we could also use some prayers for our family as Brian will be making the long journey to the coast in search of some supplies.  It is a very long drive on horrific roads.  Please pray for safety him and also pray for me as I will be with the kids. You can also read our current update letter by clicking  HERE! Blessings, Phyllis Hovey My Attitude (By Phyllis Hovey) The runny noses, bums and all That must be wiped at a beck and call Are part of life for moms as me Toda

New School Year Starts

Our 'summer' has come to an end and school starts tomorrow!!!  Both Goroka Baptist Bible College and the school where Gunner attends start up in full swing with great anticipation for a wonderful school year.  I think Gunner is a little excited as it's a half an hour past his bed time and he is still up....😜 I (Phyllis), too, will start school this week.  I am teaching a class at the college this semester on how to teach phonics to elementary children.  It will be an adventure for sure!  If you think of us, will you lift up extra prayers for us as a family this week?  It will be transition for us all! The waking up part won't be an issue as the kiddos are both generally up at around 5:30am every morning without an alarm.  I will enjoy these days of early rising as long as they last!  It's fun to have some time to chat and connect in the mornings before we head out the door. My class is twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about an hour.  Gunner goes to schoo