New School Year Starts

Our 'summer' has come to an end and school starts tomorrow!!!  Both Goroka Baptist Bible College and the school where Gunner attends start up in full swing with great anticipation for a wonderful school year.  I think Gunner is a little excited as it's a half an hour past his bed time and he is still up....😜 I (Phyllis), too, will start school this week.  I am teaching a class at the college this semester on how to teach phonics to elementary children.  It will be an adventure for sure!  If you think of us, will you lift up extra prayers for us as a family this week?  It will be transition for us all!
The waking up part won't be an issue as the kiddos are both generally up at around 5:30am every morning without an alarm.  I will enjoy these days of early rising as long as they last!  It's fun to have some time to chat and connect in the mornings before we head out the door.
My class is twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about an hour.  Gunner goes to school Mondays through Thursdays in the mornings only.  Moriah will stay with Dad or Ms. Dorothy on the days I have class.  I will teach in English, just in case you're wondering.  All the education courses at the college are supposed to be instructed in English as that's the official language in all schools across the country.  Our education graduates need to have a solid understanding of English and different teaching ways and styles before they leave the college.  Please pray specifically for time management for me.
For Gunner, we would ask for specific requests for his little mind to soak up all he can!  Please pray he makes good friends, and he has a new teacher this year, so please pray he transitions well too.  It will be a new schedule to adjust to and time away from the fam in the mornings, so please pray for our little guy in all that.  We also would ask for prayers that he would grow in his faith.  He is going to a Christian school and we are excited that Christ's teachings will be a part of his instruction!
Brian will be busy with a myriad of loose ends to get the school year started.  He will purchase office supplies, make runs to get teachers, try to work on other existing projects of maintenance and development, and keep up with his normal 'to do' list.  Please pray for God's grace and health as we are all battling colds.  Sounds crazy with the warm weather, but we all have them!
Thanks, in advance, for all those who rally behind us to lift us up.  We can NOT do it alone!  We are praying for a great school year!!!  Enjoy some pics of our last days of break!!!
 Water balloons in the tub...FUN!!!

 Popsicles under an umbrella because it's raining and Mom didn't want the mess inside...
 Gunner practicing cutting to get ready for school... 
Moriah practicing her 'school skills' too! 


  1. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt reflections on the start of the new school year. It's clear that your family's faith is the cornerstone of your approach to education, and that's truly beautiful to see. By integrating spiritual teachings into everyday life, you're nurturing not just their minds but also their souls. Your commitment to their growth, both academically and spiritually, shines through, making each day a journey of learning and faith. Here's to a year filled with growth, discovery, and blessings as your children continue to flourish under your loving guidance at the Christian School. They're fortunate to have such devoted parents shaping their journey!"


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