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Tangible progress

We have been struggling the last month to get a post out as much has been going on.  Each day has been filled with lots of challenges and victories.  We have had the privilege of having some friends from home come and work with us for a couple months.  They have been a tremendous blessing and have assisted in getting much accomplished here at GBBC. One project that we have been working on for some time is defining the front entry way to the college.  The goal was to make a circlular style entry way that gives a nice apperiance. Dirt was hauled in and the large scale  sculpting began. Once it was mostly defined cement was poured around the perimeter  We wanted to make is low maintenance so we decided to try to cover it with stone and cement It was quite a process of searching for stones and placing them one by one. As usual Gunner needed to be on site to inspect the work and see how he could get dirty! The completed project has turned out very well!  The guys helping on the project nam