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The God We Serve

There are some times when God’s grace feels like deliverance.   There are other times when God’s grace is simply sustenance.   Still other times, God’s grace is mysterious and cannot be identified.   Still, it can be trusted.   This week alone, we have seen God’s grace show up in these ways, and doubtless, there are myriads of other ways that God’s grace comes to us in our lives.   Deliverance.   God delivered us from needing to evacuate.   Gunner came home and got sick last week on Thursday.   He had vomited a time or two that evening and complained of belly pain, but I didn’t think too much of it.   Friday came and he seemed to be doing alright so we thought it may have been something he ate.   The evening came and the puking started again through the night.   Saturday morning he watched cartoons like normal and laid low until he started throwing up again in the afternoon.   By Sunday, he still wasn’t eating much and drinking little as he would throw it up right away and things be