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Taste of a new culture

We had the privilege of taking part in a traditional PNG meal with a national Pastor and his wife.  The meal was at a fellow missionary's house.  It was called Mamboo and was very good!   It started with lots of cutting up and dicing of the ingredients..... Our cookware is shown above.....fresh cut bambo. All the ingredients were then packed into the bambo and a specific leaf was packed in last to seal it all. They were then placed in the fire and rotated as needed.  The moisture in the bambo and the semi-sealed end made the whole thing like a pressure cooker. After a couple hours the food was all done, and I (Brian) must say it was delicious!!   The whole process was an adventure in and of it self, but with it was a great opportunity to talk with Pastor Rex and his wife regarding life and ministry in PNG. Even though the rain has started the drought is still being felt daily here.  The majority of people here eat what they grow and the reaping of food

Ministry in 4 wheel Drive

EWe have been in PNG for nearly a week now and there is no way we can capture our thoughts and experiences in one blog.....but we"ll start with one!  Upon arriving to PNG it truly is nothing like either of us have experienced.  For me (Brian) it has some commonalties to my trip to Africa, but it also is still very different.  People are often seen walking roads or piled in the back of flat bed trucks.  There are very few paved roads and many trails that lead into the thick forests.  Yet, ministry continues in ways we seldom think or imagine back in the US.   I was able to attend a very early start of a church plant.  What does that mean?  Well there is a village half way up one of the mountains that the missionaries first were in contact with through a medical evangelism where the Gospel was presented and a few accepted Christ as their Savior.  There is no church in their village but the missionaries have begun a Bible study there once a week.  When we arrived there, people beg

The Journey has begun!

We have started the awaited survey trip to Papua New Guinea.  We left Sunday November 1st and flew to Los Angles, CA.  After a few hour layover, we flew to Brisbane, Australia where we currently are.  We are truly blessed to share that the journey has gone well so far, and Gunner has been doing great! We give God the Gory for that and truly do covet your prayers.  Tomorrow morning, Wednesday....kind of crazy we lost Monday in the flight and time change....we will start the first of two flights to Goroka, PNG. So a question has been floating in my (Brian's) mind through the craziness of airport security, baggage, and so many unknowns......why do this?  I have been asked several times in the last week, why did you decide to do this?  "This" being missions.....leaving the comforts of home, family, friends.  The answer, when boiled down is very simple, because I made the decision that Jesus Christ is more important than anything else in this life.  Now that has been much more